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About New Horizon Enterprise


New Horizon-Enterprise  is a smart integrated ERP solution that allows small and medium sized businesses to streamline their critical processes across multiple offices, factories and locations. Powered by an unmatched MRP engine and auto MIL, New Horizon Enterprise is a versatile solution for discrete manufacturing that easily adapts to your business and industry needs while maximizing the ROI.


To thrive and lead in the dynamic business environment, this robust platform unifies all business information in 9 core modules to provide a 360-degree view of business drivers and customers at your fingertips. New Horizon-Enterprise is an ideal solution for a broad range of manufacturing houses working on Made-to-Order, Made-to-Stock and Made-to-Customization models.

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Why ERP Solution is right for your business?

Our technical expertise, coupled with a strong understanding of business, has allowed us to push beyond the limits of ERP software development and create a platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing processes.

Here is how ERP can help increase the efficiency, and subsequently the profitability, of your enterprise:



  • Fully integrated end-to-end ERP solution

  • Comprehensive access control mechanism

  • High data security with encryption and authorization

  • 850+ Business intelligence report

  • Custom defined cost and profit centers

  • Multilingual hot-switchable user interface



Streamline and sync material management plan to optimize maximum value on investment.


Monitor real-time material values to improve production and revenue with operation integration.


Manage supply chain management smoothly using unique schema definition for inventory, raw materials, quantity of goods, and material needs.


Access meaningful insights on sales, customers, and order fulfillment using end-to-end lead management.

Quality Control

Define control parameters for items and processes to ensure quality checks for production and inward materials.


Efficiently manage third party transactions and track inventory with multiple sub-contractors.


Track the in-process material at each step to get an overview of floor productivity, worker productivity and value addition.


Make informed buying decisions using dashboard and report integration for planning, production, stores, and financial modules


Ensure minimum stock variance and accurate forecasts with multiple warehouses, inventory-valuation, tracking and movement process definitions.

New Horizon ERP Products

New Horizon Enterprise

New Horizon Premier ERP

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