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Tally products are designed to adapt to meet specific business challenges for your industry.

At some stage, every business faces a challenge connecting outside its four walls. The fact is existing business systems often fall short of delivering this connectivity. While the right software solutions can make all the difference, there are many aspects to consider. How many solutions are required and how much to invest in them? Will the solutions that work for other businesses work the way you want them to?

We understand your situation. With flexibility at its very core, ERP Software, TallyPrime lends itself comfortably to adaptation.

It can be customised, extended and integrated right from granular levels to features, so your business can achieve higher efficiency.

Benefits of Modules

  • Modules are bundled with multiple features to fulfill your specific requirement.

  • No need to customise whole tally for one specific requirement



Training will help to Increase efficiency of staff 


Training will help to increase productivity


Same errors will be avoided by such training


Discussion in training will clear doubts 

CRM module covers important details such as process, stages, reports, user wise, printouts, outstanding etc.

Material Requirement Analysis specially designed for manufacturers based on sales orders, job orders, projects & BoM.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance is based on standard parameters, actual parameters with rejections, prints & reports 


Outstanding followup with reminder, auto mail, log, bill overdue report, today due date report, greater than ageing wise report, MSME report.

Purchase order print with stamp & sign, order outstanding in columnar report, order column in sales & purchase register. Order control in sales & purchase bill. 

Jobwork module helps in valuation tracking of goods with GST annexure print and ITC report to import in GST portal.

Multiple party auto payment with cheque update in one click. Also bank beneficiary report to import in bank portal.

Top reports, active & inactive item & party, party & item wise dashboard, salesmen wise dashboard

Create mould master and track production qty and get report for same. 

Stock & PO reservation based on Job Order. Dashboards helps to track all the data related to Job Order.

Export Invoice with carton no. and group-wise, Commercial Invoice, Packing List and Examination print.

Track all the expenses and also control with this module. Report is given to get overall data.

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