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Tally on Cloud


Tally on Cloud provides an easy, economical, efficient and secured way to use Tally from anywhere, anytime.

Tally Cloud is a service where your tally and data is provided to you as SaaS model. It allows to use your own Tally License and access your Tally from our servers using any RDP client from any device.

BIGGEST Advantage of using Tally Cloud is that since our Data Centres are located in India, you can activate Indian Tally License.


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Enjay's Tally on Cloud

Tally on Cloud FAQ

What is tally cloud?

A cloud service that enables you to run Tally from our cloud servers. You can access your Tally from any PC or device, using any Operating system.

how it works

Tally and data are hosted in highspeed Virtual Machines, in our Tier 3 data centers. Tally application is published using RDP protocol, which can be accessed from anywhere.

suitable for you

Small Businesses, who don't want to keep the headache of maintaining servers. Multi branch businesses who want to have centralised Tally, which can be accessed from all locations.

suitable for your budget

Flexible monthly plans to suite your budget and business size. Plus it grows with your business, increase/decrease in computing resources requires 4 hours max.

secured & private

Tally for every client is stored in a separate virtual machine, absolutely secured. Moreover only Tally application is published to users, which make it more secure.

Features of Tally on Cloud

  • Users can access from anywhere and anytime.

  • Users can print on their Local Printers.

  • Users can get their Files, exported from Tally, right on their local PCs.

  • Minimum Internet Bandwidth requirement while accessing Tally.

  • With the help of Web based, Tally can be used from any devices.

  • Tally Data can be easily migrated to Tally on Cloud

  • Tally Data can be backed-up daily on a scheduled time.

  • Tally Data is highly secured on Tally on Cloud.

  • Tally customisation (TDL) can be easily used with Tally on Cloud

Benefits of Tally on Cloud

  • No need to have multiple Tally Licenses.

  • No need to maintain Hardware on premises.

  • Tally administrators can centrally manage Tally and its users.

  • Tally administrators can centrally manage printers at different locations for different users.

  • Tally users from any location can print on printers at any location.

  • No need to sync Tally Data between different Branches of organisation.

  • Tally can be centrally upgraded for all users.

  • Tally can be easily used on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and any iOS devices

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