Time is money. This is true for everyone who gets paid to do a job. Software issues create unproductive time, which is costing businesses huge loss. What makes this even sadder is that many businesses, in an effort to SAVE money, have reduced their employee training budgets. The truth is, this is not cost-cutting, it is actually cost-increasing.

Unless your staff are trained on using software, you cannot expect to gain the full benefits of the investment. In addition to this there is often the challenge of staff being resistant to change. By having your End User Strategy as a key point in your planning when going for Corporate Training Package, your business will operate more efficiently and maintaining a competitive edge and encourage a culture that embraces change.

Benefits of Training

  • Training sessions would be conducted according to the companies’ line of business, so that it is easier for staff to understand & relate their own companies examples, case studies etc.

  • Time & location of training will be according to your convenience.

  • Sessions can be defined according to groups which depend on no. of users.

  • Save money & time by avoiding hotel & accommodation costs by conducting training in your offices.

  • It gives the users the opportunity to come together & discuss & share their experiences & problems related to Tally software.


Training will help to Increase efficiency of staff 


Training will help to increase productivity

avoid errors

Same errors will be avoided by such training


Discussion in training will clear doubts 

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